Site enhancements are coming soon!

Hello Nats fans!

We are working hard to improve the overall blog experience. We have lots of great feedback, and are moving forward with a better, more robust hosting situation and a new comment module This is what MASN uses (see it here )

We are also changing the name to a more memorable and simple –  Steve and his team are committed to making this the best baseball blog possible. We thank you for your support and patience. Stay tuned, and tell all your friends!

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27 Responses to Site enhancements are coming soon!

  1. natsfan310 says:

    Personally, I’ve been a long time reader of the Nats blogs, but rarely posted.. Esp. As the LoD one trolling got worse. If you had the same type of controls similar to the Post where you can ignore a user or a message thread that would help your maintenance immensely as you wouldn’t have to constantly monitor or ban people. Everyone can do their own maintenance and you coz just ban the people that are at the top of your ignore or report list..


  2. zmunchkin says:

    Great news. But, gee I leave for vacation and everything changes/gets better. Now if the Nats could pick it up and go on a long winning streak.

    I assume we are going to a self-hosted site (e.g., GoDaddy or some other vendor)? If so I believe the prices for a web-site that includes WordPress support is typically the same price you pay for just a WordPress site. If so, we should consider getting the option with the web-site as it gives us lots more options on things we can do – something I am sure the folks at ImageWorks know about!

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  3. senators69 says:

    Yes, this blog has really taken off since it started. Congrats and best to all!

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  4. Mike says:

    Like the new domain name. This is my go to place now for Nats news and info.

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    • Thanks so much!

      The name was the from the smart people at ImageWorks Creative as they are certainly creative people. We wanted a short domain name that fit our vision and I my suggestion was GoingNats which is a takeoff on Going Nuts but that was taken. When they suggested TalkNats we liked that even better.


  5. Gonats says:

    I just clicked on the MASN link and noticed PieroB aka Periculum posts there. That MASN site doesn’t get much action on the Nats side.

    I think it’s more that Nats fans don’t want to support an Angelos site.


  6. manifesto13 says:

    I’m new to this site, but I really like what I see–and read–so far. Lots of information, informed opinions and observations, and a civil exchange. Thanks. Go Nats.

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    • nats128 says:

      We are all new as I think its been 2 weeks in existance and all is good and better than I imagined as I had given up on Nats blog sites that were dominated by trolls. The fact that you have moderators interacting and every once in a while “deleting” keeps the civility and they say they already banned some people.

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  7. scmargenau says:

    Great stuff Sofa. We will create a event calendar eventually where all events, socials, meets ups etc can be posted.

    fyi – when we move, there will be some issues in that process. we expect all comments to migrate, but sometimes their are issues that will need remedy.

    thx all. n go nats!


  8. Thank you so much for making the new site a priority. Having a great dedicated web address as and a chat ability and improved commenting is a big plus.

    Can’t wait for the transition to our new home and thanks to your team and our entire community we are establishing!


  9. I was hoping for “Nats To You!” but otherwise I welcome the changes!

    Off-topic (and feel free to make it a topic)

    From Himself (slightly edited for clarity and emphasis):

    Duffy’s Pre-Opening Wing Feast
    Sept 13, 1pm to 4pm

    Nothing Goes together Better than Duffy’s Wings and Nats Baseball!
    We still have a bit of time before the paperwork is done on our liquor license. In the meantime, please join us for a Pre-Opening Wing Feast and Nats Viewing Party.

    **Please note no alcohol will be served, and you cannot bring your own. We cannot have any alcohol on the premises until we get our liquor license, which will be very soon

    Sunday September 13th 1pm to 4pm
    $15 per person
    Unlimited Wings (no carryout boxes)
    Non-Alcoholic Beverages included
    Nats vs Marlins and Redskins vs Dolphins on all the TVs
    Sound on the Nats up front, and on the Redskins in back.
    Open 1pm til the end of Nats and Redskins games.

    Kids with parents are welcome.
    Under 12 price – $10

    We Hope to See you then!

    Grand opening will be soon after. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

    In the meantime, please continue to support our IndieGogo Campaign:

    Copyright © 2015 Duffy’s Irish Pub, All rights reserved.

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