Storen, Janssen, it’s déjà vu all over again.

We all like Drew Storen and Casey Janssen, but these men are paid as “closers” to do their role in the earlier innings or different situations in what is supposed to be lower stress situations, and combined in 2 games in a row they lost Nats leads that turned into Nats losses.

You can’t be a playoff calibre team making mental mistakes and pitching mistakes when you have a lead.  That’s my opinion.

For anyone wondering what happened to Drew Storen, it happened before the error on the throw occurred.

Single to Pham on a poor pitch:

Then he throws inside to Moss and hits him putting 2 men on and no outs and on the third batter he faced he got a comebacker and instead of getting the runner at 1st for a sure out he forced the ball to 3rd and made a poor throw, and there’s no telling if he would have thrown Pham out with a near perfect throw.

Then the game ended on this play on a meatball by Janssen in a tie game and 2 outs:

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48 Responses to Storen, Janssen, it’s déjà vu all over again.

  1. senators69 says:

    I heard some of Matt Williams on the Junkies show this morning explaining his rationale for his pitching choices and timing. While he stated his reasons, which sounded like they made sense (to a laymen like me), I still had the feeling that another manager may have done things differently given the understanding of where some of our pitchers are in their good/bad cycle.


  2. legnatsfan says:

    Mark summed up the “blame” very well on NI this morning. It’s almost comical now (but in reality very sad.) My son went to bed it was 5-3, woke up to find out it was an 8-5 loss and said he knew this was going to happen. Unbelievable is all I can say.


    • rayvil01 says:

      “My son went to bed it was 5-3, woke up to find out it was an 8-5 loss and said he knew this was going to happen.”

      I wish I had followed his lead. I kind of “knew” it too. But, the Calvinist side of me insisted I sit there and suffer through it.

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    • NatsFan2005 says:

      With all due respect, nobody is looking to catalog all the reasons in any game you lose. You lose as a team but 2 games in a row there have been Blown Save losses with leads that should not have been coughed up.

      Read through the comments last night where this group was wondering where late inning defensive replacements were or why Turner did not pinch run once Ramos got on base or why Rizzo only brought up 1 pitcher yesterday or even why MW saved Papelbon for the 9th or there beyond after Storen blew it.

      This is on the 2 former closers not able to hold leads. These were not 1 run leads. Tommy Pham was the 1st hitter and a .210 hitter was in the hole. Storen did not have to face Carpenter, Heyward, etc.

      As far as blaming Ross, come on, he is a young kid who didn’t have it and that’s going to happen. He left with the lead.

      The Nats offense was fine. 5-3 lead in the 8th. Have to win that.


      • Ghost of Steve M. says:

        There’s a very good reason that Closers and set-up men are handsomely paid. No loss is on one person but agreed, I’m not even going to mention Joe Ross in any negative way. As they say, games aren’t lost in the 3rd inning, they are lost by the time you get to the 9th inning.


      • adcwonk says:

        I pretty much agree with you NF — except I do wonder about one thing: lack of extra pitchers. Wasn’t there any BP help to be had?

        Janssen was out of gas, and I don’t really blame him, either. Drew blew it in the 8th.

        But in the 9th, MW didn’t have a whole lot of options. Is that on Rizzo? (I’m not accusing, just asking)

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        • If you knew you had more than Solis and Papelbon than more options could have helped but only Matt Williams knows his intentions.


        • senators69 says:

          Matt W talked about this on the Junkies show this morning. He said Roark and Cole will show up soon. Cole started recently, and Roark apparently can’t come until Sep 4 (per MW). He did not mention anyone else. Of course, we know that probably does not help the bullpen since Roark will replace Ross soon. And, if Stras is out for a while, then I guess Cole would get the call…or could Fister???


  3. rayvil01 says:

    Storen is exposed. For a closer, he seems to wilt in the highest pressure situations. Some game in June against some bottom-feeder and he’s the King of Badass. But, when the big games against the big boys come, he can’t get out of his own way.

    Throwing the ball to third was a mortal sin. Throw to first. If you want the double play in order then IBB the next guy.


    • nats128 says:

      In his defense, he was fine in the 1st half and has struggled in the 2nd half. His issue seems to be the Cardinals which was his childhood team. Coincidental that his debut was against the Cardinals.


      • rayvil01 says:

        I understand. He really was terrific early. He was even better the first few games after the Pap trade when he moved to the 8th inning. Then…

        It’s not even giving up the hits that has finally gotten to me. It’s the HBP and the throw to third that were almost a composite of big game goof ups of his.

        I heard yesterday on the radio that it’s a foregone conclusion that he’ll be traded this winter. And, I’m thinking that might be good for all parties.


    • Section 222 says:

      I agree that Storen doesn’t seem to have what it takes. But going to third was the catcher’s call. It’s been reported in numerous places, and confirmed by MW in the postgame presser, that Lobi was yelling “3”. Storen didn’t have time to assess the situation and decide where to throw. He followed his catcher’s lead, as he should.

      Then he made a bad throw, too hard and off line.


      • rayvil01 says:

        Good comment. I didn’t realize that Lobi did that, although I should have.


      • Great point 2’s on Lobaton calling that. Not sure a perfect throw gets him.


        • rayvil01 says:

          I often wonder if other teams struggle with these little infield dribbler thingies the way the Nats do in big games. I can think back to a number of these that the Nats turned into a hot mess. Last night’s was not unique.


          • NatsFan2005 says:

            As said, that was a replay of Bumgarner in Game 3 of the playoffs last year when Wilson Ramos bunted. Take the out at 1st unless you absolutely know you can get him.

            I don’t blame Storen for that play at 3rd, I blame him for what led up to that play which was the Pham single and the Hit By Pitch on the #8 hitter.


  4. conatsguy says:

    Just got back from rockies game. Watching the scoreboard in the 7th, and thinking all is good tonite. Nats, Rox, and Phillies all winning… What happened? Not looking forward to reading the game thread. Bullpen implosion the key for Roxs and Nats. Just a depressing night.


  5. I mean after Jansen threw 30 yesterday, we had to know that he would come in and save the day today, right MW?

    I can’t wait for this disaster of a season to be over.


  6. nats128 says:

    Now Rizzo will bring up more pitchers.


  7. stoatva says:

    Giants have their own version of our disease. Trailing 1-0 in seventh first two guys get on, go to second and third on out, then…. bupkis.

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  8. manassasnatsfan says:

    I bet I don’t get to sleep before 4.

    I replay all the plays as I lay in bed.


  9. manassasnatsfan says:

    Why are they interviewing Harper. 5 good at bats.

    I want to hear Storren and Janssen. They are the 2 goats.

    Don’t give them a pass.


  10. manassasnatsfan says:

    Someone really needs to kick some a$$. This repeated nonsense after we have leads is getting tiresome.


  11. texnat1 says:

    Something is just off with this team. Its like they are just waiting to lose. It’s one of the major reasons to replace the manager. It’s a cost effective way to shake up the clubhouse dynamic.


  12. stoatva says:

    Ouch. That’s gonna be hard to look at in the morning.


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