BREAKING: Sources tell us Severino to be added to 40 man & called up! The Reserves are coming. The Reserves are coming!

Our sources tell us Pedro Severino will be added to the 40 man roster and called up as a 3rd catcher.

Photo Credit USA Today

We expect Dan Uggla today and Tyler Moore tomorrow or Wednesday when he’s eligible to come off of the DL.

Where is the bullpen help with Sammy Solis, Matt Grace, Rafael Martin, Abel and some of the starters like Taylor Hill who could help in the pen.

UPDATE (4:48PM): David Carpenter’s season is over as he was moved to the 60 DL to make room for Severino on the 40 man roster. Dan Uggla as we have been saying officially activated off the DL to the Nats roster and Sammy Solis joins the Nats as a September callup. We believe those will be the only moves for today per our sources.

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9 Responses to BREAKING: Sources tell us Severino to be added to 40 man & called up! The Reserves are coming. The Reserves are coming!

  1. hweiner3 says:

    It seems like the only way the Nats will get a catcher who is consistently good both at and behind the plate is to get one in trade. They have burned through an awful lot of prospects in the last few years that were considered good defensively, but never really hit at the major league level. You have to wonder if Severino will fall into the AAAA category, or the hitting coaches can help him develop into a decent alternative to Ramos in the next year or two.


    • Believe it or not Ramos when he was with the Twins and stuck behind Joe Mauer was the 2nd best catching prospect in the Minors and was thought to be another hitter, but needed to improve on defense.

      When the Nats acquired Ramos he received one-on-one instruction from none other than Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez on the art of defensive game calling.

      If Ramos can do what we are seeing now, he could turn into the Yadier Molina type of catcher the Nats hoped they traded for.

      Also keep in mind how poor catchers are as a group on offense.

      Ramos is 15th in the Majors in catcher WAR and while that’s not great it means he’s better than 1/2 the catchers and all the backups.

      Look at some of the names on Page 2 like Kurt Suzuki and Carlos Ruiz.


  2. senators69 says:

    Aside from his “catcher-like” batting stats in the minors, what else is the word on Severino? What do people think is his long-term potential?


  3. Like

  4. Steady Eddie says:

    Only effect this has is it will let Wilson pinch hit on those rare days when Loby starts. Or give the starting catcher a rest around the 12th inning. Or give Pedro a start once they’re eliminated from the race.

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  5. NatsFan2005 says:

    Still hard to get over last night.

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