8/27 Game Thread. Joe Ross takes the mound to win series. Span rests back tonight.

The Nats send Joe “Cool” Ross to the mound today to face Andrew Cashner of the San Diego Padres.  The Nats are at the point of the season where almost every game is now must wins to keep pace or draw closer to the NL lead and today is a day to carry momentum forward for the weekend where a win is needed.  With the Nats it starts with pitching, and Joe Ross brings his arsenal of sinker, slider, and changeup to the mound.

By now everyone remembers that Joe Ross was a Padres minor leaguer traded to the Nats and younger brother of Tyson Ross.  Ross was part of the 3-team trade involving the Nats, Padres and Rays for Souza, Wil Myers, Joe Ross and Trea Turner as the main parts.

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Sabremetrics and the fallacy of one metric

This post is more about giving Yunel the green light on a 3-0 count. But it highlights the problem of putting too much stock in one metric.

The defense for giving Yunel the green light on 3-0 is that the Nats are aggressive and they are 7-14 when they put the ball in play on a 3-0 count. But Yunel was at bat, not the team! Continue reading

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Math Lessons in the NL East. 12% odds according to Baseball Prospectus

The Nationals have 37 games left to play in the season, and the Mets have 36 games left to play in their season.  There are 6 head-to-head games against the NY Mets remaining in the schedule which are the only games the Nats theoretically could determine the outcome for both the Nats and Mets.  The Nats are 6 1/2 games behind the Mets.  Those are the main facts in the math lesson, and the rest is all about the Nats winning games, and the Mets losing games which will change the aforementioned facts going forward.  The rest of the math is all variable math and dependent of resulting wins and losses by both teams.

The Mets now have a Magic # of 31 against the Nats.

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Gio vs Tyson Ross In-Game. Same Line-up for the Nats

The Nats bring Gio Gonzalez to the mound on normal rest as they moved him up from his projected start tomorrow and have moved Scherzer to start on Friday.

Tyson Ross pitches for the Padres and he’s the older brother of Joe Ross of the Nats.

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Jim Bowden goes off with his conspiracy theory on why Trea Turner isn’t playing much.

Yesterday afternoon, Jim Bowden on MLB Radio on Sirius/XM with his co-host Casey Stern were talking about Denard Span back in the Nats lineup and Jim Bowden said how he would like to see Denard Span batting first and Trea Turner batting 2nd and said that he would give his conspiracy theory on it.

Jim Bowden would tell his story of September 2005 when he told Frank Robinson he was calling up 2005 1st round Draft pick Ryan Zimmerman who had a short stint in the Minors.  Bowden said Frank Robinson didn’t want to play him but did so sparingly.  When Zim got limited playing time which was mostly as a pinch-hitter or a mid-game or late-game fill-in, Ryan made the most of the opportunities and got his first start on September 7th in his 5th game with the Nats, but then his next start wouldn’t come until September 11th and then subbed a few more games then on September 22nd to the end of the season Ryan started every game for the Nats in 2005 and finished the season at .397.  I think we can say Jim Bowden was spot on in regards to Ryan Zimmerman.  The rest is history, and a great time to be talking history as Ryan just hit his 5th career Grand Slam last night!

Photo Credit: Washington Post through Getty Images.

Photo Credit: Washington Post through Getty Images.

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Nats vs Padres in-game 8/25/15 The January 14th Line-up it is in Game #124!!!!

The Nats begin a 3 game series against the San Diego Padres tonight at 7:05pm on Anthony Rendon Garden Gnome night, and face the Padres top 3 pitchers in the series starting tonight with James Shields followed by Tyson Ross who is the brother of Joe Ross, and then Andrew Cashner.

The Nats counter with Strasburg tonight followed by  Gio Gonzalez and Joe Ross.

Other big change was Tanner Roark was optioned to Potomac to stretch out as a starter.

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Panel discussion – Mark Lerner, Mike Rizzo, Tom Boswell, & Charlie Slowes. Night At The Newseum

On this off-day, an enjoyable evening for a group of invited guests at the Newseum to listen to a moderated discussion on the Washington Nationals and current topics in baseball.

Seated L to R, the Moderator Frank Bond, Mark Lerner, Mike Rizzo, Tom Boswell, and Charlie Slowes.  In the crowd, was Mr. Ted Lerner and his wife and Valerie Camillo, who is the Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer for the Washington Nationals Baseball, as well as other people from the ownership group and Nats front office.


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BREAKING: Denard Span set to come off the DL tomorrow!

All rights reserved Getty Images

All rights reserved
Getty Images

BREAKING: Sources told us earlier that Denard Span is set to come off the DL tomorrow and join the Nats for Game 1 of the series vs San Diego.  Span had been on a rehab stint playing with Hagerstown and Harrisburg in the Minor Leagues.

This leads to the off-days biggest question as we discussed earlier on line-up construction as we look ahead to Yunel Escobar  and Denard Span returning to the Washington Nationals line-up.

Some think Escobar is the weak link and some think Ian Desmond and some still think Danny Espinosa is a free swinger and a liability, but there’s probably no denying that an infield of Rendon at 3B,  Desi at SS and Espinosa at 2nd Base is the Nats strongest defensive alignment.  Trea Turner might be seen as the middle infielder of the near future and for now he seems destined for the bench.

The early morning discussion was mostly centered around who plays LF when Denard Span is inserted back into CF then we got the discussion of where does Espinosa play when Yunel Escobar returns now that Anthony Rendon is playing better.


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Day-Off Monday. The Denard Span line-up version 2.0

The season is a marathon, and the sprint has started as there are 39 games for the Nationals remaining in the regular season.  The Nats are back above .500 and optimism has returned about a lineup that got the bats going over the last few days, and will look healthier in the next few days when Denard Span returns.

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Rizzo’s rap sheet revisited

I have revised Rizzo’s rap sheet since the last iteration. Here is the new, revised version, with a few additions and modifications to the last version. See below for the details.

Rizzo’s rap sheet – a felonious history of theft, chicanery, larceny and fraud:

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